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During our 15 years of providing goods to various countries around the world ERTÜRK has noticed the changes that have occurred in the eating habits of todays consumer. In doing so we have realised that there is a need for a product that targets the health conscious customer. In order to provide for this segment we have invested time and effort to research and develop organic farming, raw material storage, the detail of organic production and freezing treatment.

Due to constant changes in the Organic Market, at the moment we prefer to purhase from independent Project growers.

When the growers want to sell their crops, we first inspect their warehouses to see if the storage conditions are suited for Organic storage. If it meets our standards then we take a sample from the raw material and send it to EUROFINS laboratory for the pesticide analysis.

If the results are clear then we transfer the raw material to our warehouse in our own plastic creates and plastic boxes. Our organic goods certificate has been awarded to us by ECOCERT which is one of the leading laboratories for certification in the globe. All organic sultanas have to be tested and certified before they are cleared for shipment. This process is carried out by ECOCERT who is also working alongside EUROFINS and other recognised laboratories who are leaders in their field.

After the goods are in the warehouse we contact ECOCERT and request them to take a sample for the Organic certification. If the result is clear we produce the material and then we do the shock freeze treatment in our own shock freezer which decontaminates without the use of chemicals until the temperature drops to below -18 / -23.

The timing for the shock freezing treatment depends on the outside temperature which means the fruit can be in the freezer up to 40 to 50 hours. ERTÜRK is proud to announce that we are one of the very few sultana exporters who implements the use of an inhouse Shock Freezer to decontaminate the organic raw material without the use of chemicals. Having the shock freezer located onsite also allows us to have 100 percent traceability of our goods.

The procedure is ideal and safe for human consumption.