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ERTÜRK Food Industries Ltd. complies with British Retail Consortium (BRC) Food Safety Standards and has been A Grade since 2003. The company supports the improvement of the quality of growing standards by providing continuous information to the growers and carefully evaluating their feedback.

ERTÜRK regularly visitsgrower’s vineyards from April to harvest and advices the best way to improve the quality of the crop. A full raw material control testing is implemented before buying the material and then records are taken and stored for traceability.

Swab samples are taken and checked on a weekly basis from both working staff hands and food contact surfaces to verify microbiological safety. ERTÜRK applies strict hygine policies and rules for production site and staff.

ERTÜRK implements strict rules for allergens and GMO material and is in compliance with BRC Food Safety Standards for wooden, metal and glass / hard plastics used in the facillity. We do not use any allergens in ERTÜRK so there is no risk of cross-contamination when concerning allergenic materials.

The disinfectents, cleaning materials and maintenance lubricants that are in contact with food materials are all food grade. All chemicals and lubricants are kept in locked and segregated areas. ERTÜRK has food grade material documents of all the chemicals and lubricants used in the facility.

ERTÜRK Quality Assuarance Sysytem Includes Organoloptic, Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Analysis.

Physical & Organoloptic Analysis
Organoloptic and physical analysis starts with the beginning of the production and continues until the end. Sampling is done all through the production. The organoloptic analysis is done by different personal evaluated and reported. These are texture,taste and odour.

We are also doing physical analysis which are;

Berry Count, Damaged Berries, Mouldy Berries, Undeveloped Berries, Sugared Berries, Capstem (Free and attached), Embedded Stalk, 4-10 and <10 mm free Stalk, Stones, EVM, EFM.

Chemical Analysis
The presence of Ochratoxin-A, a mycotoxin, is determined by High Performance Liquid Chromotography (HPLC) method in our special designed Ochratoxin laboratory. Each product lot is tested and the graphic results are sent to the customer. ERTÜRK verifies it’s laboratory results by comparing the results that are obtained from the test done on the FAPAS sample, this is done evey month.

Moisture content testing evaluations of each product lot is performed with DFA (Dried Fruit Association) method on hourly basis. The amount of moisture is based on the avarage of the result found. This is quantified in percentages.

Oil application levels of samples are evaluated by the Extraction Method.Oil application evaluations of each product lot are performed and recorded.


Microbiological Analysis
In ERTÜRK’s microbiological testing laboratory, the microbiological tests include; Total Viable Count, Mould and Yeast. Other microbiological tests that are required are done in a ISO 17025 acredited external laboratory. ERTÜRK Food Industries verifies its laboratory results with external accredited laboratory in the proficiency test procedure and whole tests, methods and applications comply with ISO 17025 standard.