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For our clients who require raw material that has lower levels of pestecides but do not want to pay for organic raw material we are able to offer the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) raw material. The IPM system is based on the principles that, as exporters we are obliged to pledge that our produce does not exceed the limits of the country that we are exporting to but when we are exporting IPM goods we guarantee that the pesticide levels will only be at 30 percent of the level set by the country that we are exporting to. In addition to this we also guarantee that there will only be max 5 different pesticides present in the goods. To achieve this the farmers are obliged to use designated pesticides at the specified levels. This procedure in Turkey is known as Good Agricultural Practice. The internal procedures that are carried out by us for the IPM are the same as the organic sultanas. When the IPM raw material comes in to our warehouse they are stored separately anda sample is taken and sent to the laboratory for analysis. After the IPM Raw material is processed another sample is taken from the authentication sample box and the goods are only shipped when the results are satisfactory. In order to control all of the procedures mentioned above we purchase the IPM raw material only from the farmers that we have made contracts to supply us.