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The Turkish Sultana (Vinis Vinifera L.) is a type of seedless grape that grows mainly in and around the Manisa region.  Our facility is strategically placed in between Manisa and Saruhanlı where the best quality sultanas are grown. Once the grapes are ready for harvesting the bunches are cut from the vine and are dipped in a solution of water, oil and potassium carbonate which accelerates the drying process.  After the application of the solution the bunches are placed outside on plastic sheets to dry naturally. The average sultana takes 7/10 days to dry whereas the Turkish Thompson that is not dipped in the solution takes in between 20/25 days to dry and is also darker in colour than the conventional sultana. Depending on the weather conditions and the harvest in our region the bunches are cut from the vines to be dried in natural conditions around August. After drying they are ready to be stored or sold.